How To Cut & Style A Square Disconnected Fringe

We’ve all seen it. We all know it happens. But how many of you out there have actually been brave enough to overhaul your bangs? You know, taken them for a ride around ten buck two and completely revamped your style?

It can be an intimidating change. One that takes consideration. It’s a decision that cannot be made lightly. There are so many options, especially for the ladies! You could have the blunt look, or you can have a more disconnected, textured style. If you’re someone who's instead looking for a bold, unique style that can assertively add personality to your hair, then you need to keep reading. Because today, we’re going to take a plunge into fringe styling with an amazing square disconnected look.

Ashley Creates A Square Disconnected Fringe

This haircutting tutorial features our very own Academy Director Ashley Berryhill! Watch as she shows us how to create a trendy look with flawless technique that will surely have heads turning:

20 Steps To Cut & Style A Square Disconnected Fringe

  1. Prior to the cut, diagonal forward partings are taken from the profile approximately 2 inches from the hairline to the recession area.
  2. Start by dividing the section horizontally. Place a clip holding the top half of the dividing section.
  3. In the center, take an approximate 2-inch subsection for control.
  4. Come to a natural fall, hold at one-finger's depth, and cut square from the center out to the corner at the brow ridge.
  5. Divide the center subsection.
  6. Continue to cut square towards the corner.
  7. Comb the corner to a natural fall, and continue to cut square according the head shape.
  8. Keep in mind that when following the head shape for natural fall, the corner is cut.
  9. On the opposite side, repeat the technique, and work from the outside in toward the center.
  10. Once again, when following the head shape following natural fall, the corner is cut.
  11. Release the remaining hair.
  12. Take a center subsection.
  13. Comb to natural fall, hold at one-finger's depth, and cut on to the guideline from underneath.
  14. Divide the center subsection and continue to cut square toward the corner.
  15. On the opposite side, repeat the technique and continue to work from the outside corner to the center.
  16. Blow dry the fringe with a comb.
  17. To detail the fringe, comb the hair to a natural fall, hold in the comb, and clean up the line.
  18. Take a horizontal section, leaving out the hairline, comb to natural fall, and elevate to 45 degrees.
  19. Deep parallel point cut to remove weight without removing length.
  20. The technique is complete!


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