How To Style Modern Men's Undercut Hairstyles

While working on an issue of Strut (TONI&GUY's regular publication covering everything from style trends to culture) where men's hair was the focus, our very own Academy Director, Ashley Berryhill was busy cutting and styling some hot undercut-driven looks.

Here's Ashley Breaking Down The Hairstyles

Drawing inspiration from men's hair trends (at the time) and what she sees as a "60s, Americana feel", Ashley shows us a few trends, techniques, and tips to create hot and handsome men's undercut hairstyle variations:

5 Pro Tips For Creating Trendy Men's Undercut Hairstyles

Want to recreate the looks from the video above or craft your own take on men's undercut looks? Follow these tips from Ashley, and you'll have the tools to follow along or create a foundation upon which to build your creative men's hairstyle.

Tip #1 - Mix Cutting Techniques

Point cutting, slicing, and scissor-over-comb techniques are musts when it comes to men's hair cutting, especially these undercut-inspired hairstyles.

First tip for creating modern mens undercuts, stylist showcases point cutting technique

Tip #2 - Go For A Precision Hairline

The best way to get the tight and clean hairline you're after is by using a scissor-over-comb technique or even what Ashley calls the "scissor-over-bone technique" (using a barber comb) in the hairline section.

Second tip for creating modern men's undercut hairstyles, stylist works on a precise hairline

Tip #3 - Create A Strong Fade

These undercut-esque hairstyles are bold, statement looks that require strong faded feels through the underneath. Don't be afraid to get aggressive with it, but also be sure to pay special attention to the details.

Third tip for creating modern men's undercut hairstyles, stylist works on a strong fade

Tip #4 - Try A Round Brush

When you think of men's hair styling, it's unlikely that a round brush comes to mind. But this common salon tool can show your model or client a new take on a versatile undercut look.

Fourth tip for creating modern men's undercut hairstyles, stylist uses a round brush and blow dryer

Tip #5 - Mind His Hair Type

As you know, a model or client's potential hairstyles can be impacted by the type of hair they have. For men with finer hair, a slicing technique can be used to add texture to a look by roughing up the hair bit.

Fifth and final tip for creating modern men's undercut hairstyles, stylist uses slicing technique on model's fine hair

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