How To Style Runway Hair Perfect For LA Fashion Week

With the fashion hub that is Los Angeles right next door, our hair school's students and staff have been involved in several LA Fashion Week events over the years. Doing hair and makeup for models wearing clothing made by some of the industry's top fashion designers is a pretty incredible opportunity that offers students a glimpse into the world of runway styling.

Watch our students and staff work it at LA Fashion Week

Offering a who's who environment of fashion designers and hairdressing professionals, LA Fashion Week offers students a chance to work hands-on behind the scenes, experience the fashion show process, and network with some of the industry's best. Check out what it's like for our students who are rocking runway styling at a major fashion show for the very first time:

How to recreate the men's long and wavy hairstyle

Student showing off curly men's hairstyle with bandana for LA Fashion Week

#1 - Curl the front half

After parting the hair horizontally in half, our cosmetology student Keisha used her curling iron to curl the model's hair toward his face in the front half.

#2 - Brush out curls

Once the front half of her model's hair was curled, Keisha added the bandana across the forehead and just above the ears. Be sure to make sure the fringe falls over the bandana while the hair at the sides of the head is under the bandana and over the ears. Gently brush out the curls until you get more of a wavy texture.

#3 - Add volume to the top

To add a bit of volume to the top of the look (above the bandana), Keisha lightly backcombed throughout. This provides a nicely balanced finished hairstyle.

How to recreate the women's sleek and textured high bun

Student showing model's sleek and textured high bun hairstyle for LA Fashion Week

#1 - Start with a high ponytail

Gather all of your model's hair and comb it up and back into a sleek high ponytail. Tame any flyaways with product as you go.

#2 - Build bun foundation

Using a couple bobby pins and a rubber band, fasten the hair around the base of the ponytail to create the foundation of your bun.

#3 - Tease and style bun

Once the bun is secured, grab a piece of hair and backcomb it to create some texture and place it to your liking somewhere around the bun. Pin it in place. Repeat this process until you have a finished look you're happy with.

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