Kissing 2016 Goodbye With An Unexpected Trend

The year 2016 has been filled with all sorts of out of the ordinary beauty trends from fur manicures to unicorn horn braids to everything else in between. Upholding 2016’s reputation of perhaps one of the strangest years for beauty trends ever, a new trend has slipped onto the scene just in the nick of time.


In the second to last week of 2016, negative space lip art made its entrance. Even with all the rainbow highlighter and bizarre 100 Layers challenges, this trend was still a very unexpected guest in this year’s cast of characters.


Although not exactly the most practical beauty look–which is to be expected with the year in beauty that we’ve had–it’s certainly an intriguing sight. Much like the tattooed lips that we’ve seen in the past, this look draws major attention to the mouth (and the area around the lips) with interesting and unconventional designs. What makes this trend unique is the use of negative space to create designs on and around the lips.


make up by TONI&GUY


LA-based makeup artist Vlada Haggerty seems to be the first artist to pioneer this unusual lip look. Already established as a talented lip artist, Haggerty has worked for some seriously huge names in the beauty, fashion, and cosmetology industry including Pat McGrath, Covergirl and Smashbox Cosmetics. Haggerty showed off the first of these looks earlier this month in an Instagram post thanking her half a million followers on the platform for helping her achieve this social media milestone. The look she created in this post incorporated negative space heart designs on a purple ombré lip look with additional hearts painted just above the upper lip.



Then, just this weekend, she did it again with a post featuring a look she created for a Vogue China photoshoot. This time, it caught the attention of Refinery29. For this look, Haggerty used a deep blue liquid lipstick to cover most of the model’s lips, save for a few bare circular designs. Once again, she moved away from the lips slightly and continued the pattern.


makeup by TONI&GUY


In her very next Instagram post, Haggerty shows off her work for Pat McGrath with a captivating gold lip complete with negative space star designs and textured gold star stickers. For this look, Haggerty used products from McGrath’s Metalmorphosis 005 Kits–naturally–including the gold, bronze and copper pigments.


These are just a few of the jaw dropping looks that Haggerty has created throughout her career. Just take a scroll through her Instagram and try not to be impressed. We dare you. We’re sure we’ll be seeing a lot more from this talented artist for years to come. And who’s to say that negative space lip art isn’t going to be the biggest trend of 2017? We’ll just have to wait and see!