Lights, Camera, Beach Waves: Students Get a Lesson in Photoshoots and Self-Marketing

A typical day at a TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy doesn’t exactly look like a typical day at most hairdressing schools. A few weeks ago, the Santa Monica TONI&GUY Academy gave students an opportunity to practice for the many photoshoots they will be working on in their careers while simultaneously practicing one of the most popular hair trends of the moment: beach waves.

To accomplish this, the academy set up a photoshoot with a backdrop, lighting and a local photographer inside the classroom. Prior to the photoshoot, the students created their personal interpretation of beach waves on their “models” (a.k.a. classmates). Once the hair was done, the models also had their makeup done and the students picked out wardrobe to finish the complete look with guidance from Academy Director, Ashley Berryhill.

It’s an important part of beauty education to teach the skills needed to execute a successful photoshoot. For students who are hoping to do session work or style photo shoots in the future, these are vital skills. Starting to learn these skills early on in your career and education is essential to be well prepared for any project that gets opened to our students.

As an added bonus to this lesson, the TONI&GUY social media team came to join in on the action and give the students a mini lesson on self-marketing through social media. They offered tips on apps to use to create quality videos and photos for how-tos or simply to get your work out there to potential clients. As the students were creating their beach wave looks, the team went around and took photos and videos of the process to show the students how to best capture their styles digitally.

One student, Lena, created beautiful, voluminous waves on her model Katherine during this lesson. She described the hairstyle she worked on as “sexy beach waves.”

“There are so many tutorials on beach waves,” she noted. “Depending on a girl’s style, you can do different things from more hippie boho to more glamourous. It’s fun to try something different every time.”


Her beach wave look leaned more on the glamorous side to suit Katherine's look and style. The model had long, full hair, so the look was packed with tons of volume making for a flowing, dreamy wave. She added a little texture by tousling the waves and adding product to seal the look.

It’s always fun to see our students exploring the different possibilities available to them in the beauty industry and we look forward to seeing them put their skills to use when they graduate from our academy!

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