Student Skill Spotlight: Dark to Light & Wavy to Braided Hairstyles

A our TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy near Los Angeles, we cannot state enough how awestruck we are by our students’ creativity when it comes to cutting, colouring, styling, and even conceptualizing hair. We are witnesses to some of the most beautiful fusions of hairdressing talent and cutting-edge cosmetology education.

A mixture of a passion for hair and information/training in cosmetology can have some of the most beautiful effects on the world. Experimenting with different styles – long and wavy to bold and braided – and colours – from blonde to red (and everything in between) – not only leaves you, your client, or your model standing out but also generally livens up the environment. One’s hairstyle can also play up the total look – the makeup, clothing, and accessories – that they want to rock. See the creativity of our students unleashed in these amazing looks!

Bold, Black Wavy Hair

This is a timeless hairstyle that greatly compliments a more square-shaped face. The hair is long and wavy. The fact it falls beyond the shoulders give it plenty of space to bounce and move, further adding to its allure. The flowing hair draws attention to the bearer’s face and is great for any occasion, during the day or night. What a flawless look!


Beachy, Wavy Blonde Hair

This is one of the most iconic hairstyles in the country and has heads turning anywhere. What makes it stand out is the fact that it brings out the natural undertones and beauty of seeming simplicity. The style is also easy to maintain and goes well with any outfit. Simple and classic yet all kinds of gorgeous!


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Intricately Braided Ponytail

A lot of careful work went into this beautifully braided hairstyle &ndash even with a little help from the master Bruno Mascolo himself! And the efforts bore fruit. The way the hair intertwines but maintains symmetry creates an artsy hairstyle that would really go well with a black leather jacket, just saying.


Endless amazing looks from our students

The hair is a canvas to our cosmetology school students' great minds, and we continue to be impressed by what they create each and every day. Keep up with the latest from our academy, students, and staff by following us on Instagram. To see even more work from our talented Santa Monica students, check out these past posts showcasing their skills:


Want to become as skilled as our students?

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