TONI&GUY x "Glam With Greice": A Day of Glamour For Women In Need

The TONI&GUY name is synonymous with more than just quality hairdressing. Making every client look good and feel good when they walk out our doors is a motto that has carried us over more than five decades and last week, the Santa Monica TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy did just that during the “Glam With Greice” charity event.


“Glam With Greice” began with a single idea conceived by actress and model Greice Santo that was able to fully flourish once she partnered with Ocean Park Community Center (OPCC)  in Santa Monica and the Santa Monica TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy. Santo began her initiative to provide victimized women with a day of pampering by reaching out to local organizations until she finally found the perfect partnership with TONI&GUY and OPCC.


The event brought in over a dozen women from OPCC, a center which helps to provide women in need with food, shelter and other essential needs. Each of the women received a total beauty treatment including hair styling, makeup and a new outfit. Students from the Santa Monica academy did the women’s hair and makeup and the donated clothing came from Santo and TONI&GUY CEO Bruno Mascolo.



Mascolo and Santa Monica Academy Director Ashley Berryhill were both immediately drawn to the initiative and felt that this was something they needed to do as an educational program as well as a company dedicated to giving back to those in need.


“I think this event for our academy means a lot because it’s really important to teach the students who are the future leaders of the industry what it looks like to give back and what the beauty industry really is all about,” said Berryhill. “I think you can get so caught up with the money to be made, but it’s really about making people look good and feel good first and foremost.”


Making people look good and feel good is a golden rule that TONI&GUY follows religiously when it comes to their clients and promotes boldly in their salons and academies. In the case of “Glam With Greice” this rule was especially meaningful. Many of the women who came to the academy for the event hadn’t had a salon experience in more than a year. Others had never stepped foot in a salon at all.


One of the women receiving a makeover was named Dede and had been homeless up until she was introduced to the work and services provided through OPCC about two years ago. She was given a place to sleep through the center’s Daybreak project, which is an interim housing and day program that offers services to homeless women living with mental illness. Through this program, Dede was able to eventually move to permanent supportive housing and get back on her feet.



“This means a lot. Because normally I don’t wear makeup. Normally I don’t do [anything] with my hair,” said Dede. “To have somebody else do my hair and feels good. And I feel loved on right now.”


The upstairs salon classroom of the Santa Monica academy was filled with students ready and excited to lend a hand to these deserving new clients. The women in the chairs, each with their stories of hardship and suffering, entered the academy seemingly overwhelmed by the abundance of unfamiliar faces there to treat them to a day of pampering. They left the academy later that day with a brand new appearance and hopefully a great boost of confidence.



Ultimately, this was the central goal of the event according to Santo. Helping women has always been a passion of hers, as she explained at the event. She hopes that by transforming these women who have been battered and impoverished from the outside they will start to reflect that same positive change from within. This is a sentiment echoed by Bruno Mascolo as well as the entire TONI&GUY team.

TONI&GUY is honored to have partnered with “Glam With Greice” and have the opportunity to give back to the community through such a significant act of kindness and generosity.

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